Mots Pluriels

New African perspectives and challenges of the future


Peter Limb and Jean-Marie Volet


In contrast to previous issues of the Journal asking contributors to focus on the same pre-determined theme, "Mots Pluriels" No. 13 will encourage diversity. Its aim is to provide a platform for discussing some of the main issues facing Africa and the rest of the World today. Which are the most pressing? To what extent can we rely on our understanding of the past to forecast the problems that lie ahead?

This issue of Mots Pluriels, planned for the year 2000, will focus on continuity and change in Africa and the wider world. Scholars of all disciplines are invited to discuss themes or key areas within the context of their particular field. The focus of the issue will thus be both specific in terms of the framework of discussion, and diverse in terms of the range of issues covered. Articles should be based on exploratory studies or scholarly analyses illustrating the contributor's position. The articles will be refereed.

In order to achieve both homogeneity and meaningful diversity, contributors are requested to follow the following guidelines:

As has been the case with previous issues of "MOTS PLURIELS", things African are proposed as a focal point to investigation of the issues, but articles dealing with the theme as it is perceived elsewhere may be considered as they may widen the scope of the discussion and extend readers' reflections.

Deadline for submission : November 28, 1999

For more information, please write to the editors:
Dr. Jean-Marie Volet. The University of Western Australia. Department of French Studies. Fax: (61) 8 6488 1182. Email: [email protected]
Dr Peter Limb. The University of Western Australia. Email: [email protected]

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