Mots Pluriels

*Ecocritique, Ecology and Literature*
Guest editor : Hélène Jaccomard


Since the publication of Michel Serres' Natural Contract and Harold Fromm's discussion of Ecocritique in 1991, a recognition of Nature's partnership with Humanity has been gaining momentum. Old wisdom is being rediscovered and new questions are being asked in the light of contemporary knowledge. What place does this "partner" occupy in the universe of Arts? What role does it play in the work of art or fiction seemingly dominated by dramas that are all too human? Does it keep Creators in check, support them, inspire them? Does it leave them untouched? Do we have a contractual obligation to subject texts to an ecological critique, whether they are contemporary or whether they put the environment at the centre of their aesthetics and concerns?

The main focus of this issue is an investigation of Ecology's place in Literature as well as in literary and other research. Scholars interested in discussing this problematic are invited to submit papers related to the following topic and themes (this list is NOT exhaustive) :

1. Ecology as a new category of critique;

2. The representation of nature, stereotyped or not - or its absence, which is as significant - including the physical representation of the texts' settings (urban, rural, centre/margin);

3. A quest for relationships between man/woman, nature and animals in the light of, among other things, the unprecedented impact of human activities on the environment; and

4. Any theoretical stance on ecocritique in general and more particularly on ecofeminism, with a view to capture the rising of a possible ecological wisdom.

As was the case in former issues of MOTS PLURIELS, the emphasis will be put on Africa, but we are eager to include analyses by colleagues from all continents.There is a need to stress the importance of a diverse, inter-disciplinary and worldwide vision of this issue which, more than any other, seems to transcend human differences and geopolitical boundaries.

Hélène Jaccomard

Submissions should not exceed 3000 - 3500 words, which corresponds, more or less, to ten pages double spaced, with 25 lines a page. Submissions should include a ten line paragraph presenting the writer of the article and his/her most recent publications (3 or 4).

All articles must be sent by e-mail to Dr Hélène Jaccomard, email: [email protected] AND to the Editor, Dr. Jean-Marie Volet, email: [email protected] .

Closing date for the submission of articles : 15 July 1999.

Contributors who do not have access to email may send two copies of their article by post to the following address : Dr. Jean-Marie Volet, The University of Western Australia, Department of French Studies, Nedlands 6009, Western Australia. Fax; (61) 8 6488 1182.

For any further information, please contact Dr. Hélène Jaccomard, coordinator of this issue, or the Editor.